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Online Tournaments


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What is the OAAC?

The OAAC is the Oklahoma Association for Academic Competition. A private non-profit associate that developes and promotes academic competitions for students in elementary though high school across Oklahoma. From competitions you attend through competitions occuring in your own classroom, we offer a little bit of everything.

Academic Bowl
Online Tournaments
Scholastic (Written/Online) tournaments
Specialty tournaments

Why so many? To help meet the different personalities of your students. If your students are agressive and risk takers, academic bowl will be a perfect fit! If they like to talk things over before they answer, the online tournaments will be a great competition for them. Do you have students that test well? The scholastic tournaments (TOCQ and TOC or the HSTOC) will let them shine. Specialty tournaments will help your team focus on specific subject areas. The trivia tournament? It's just fun for everyone!

Academic Bowl

Take your team and hit the road!

Academic Bowl is a great opportunity to go team on team against your cross county rivals. Students prepare for competition by honing their study skills and in the process they learn! A moderator reads the questions. Students buzz in when they know the answer. Academic Bowl gives your students to the opportunity to receive recognition for what they know.
The OAAC offers Academic Bowl opportunities for students in grades 4-10.

4th Grade Alpha and Beta
5th Grade Alpha and Beta
Upper Elementary Series (5th & 6th Grade)
Mid Level Series (7th & 8th Grade)
Froshmore series (9th and 10th Grade)

A school may enter multiple teams in any level of academic bowl. A separate entry fee is required for each team.

Online Tournaments

This link will take you to a sample of Online Tournaments

OAAC offers five subject areas in each of our four grade levels

Primary = 3rd and 4th grade
Elementary = 5th & 6th grade
Mid Level = 7th & 8th grade
High School = 9-12 grade

The subjects are science, social studies, language arts, humanities & fine arts and mathematics.

The online competitions are multiple choice questions. Your students answer as a team. There is no limit to the size of team. State Champion and Runner-up plaques are awarded for each subject and grade level.


Scholastic Tournaments

Our final written championship is the Tournament of Champions (TOC). It is held the first week-end of April at Redlands Community College. The TOC is for students in the 6th, 7th and 8th grade. We give tests in science, social studies, language arts, humanities and fine arts, mathematics and current events. To participate in the TOC a student must place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a qualifying event. We call the qualifying events TOCQ for Tournament of Champions Qualifyer. There are two different types of TOCQ's. OAAC TOCQ's are held online with a geographical limit on enrollment. A school may participate in each subject offered by the OAAC TOCQ once each school year. Other TOCQ's are hosted by local school districts. A school may participate in as many invitational TOCQ's as they wish.

Tournament of Champions

The Tournament of Champions is a big tournament. We usually have 100 school districts bring 600 kids to take over 1000 tests. Be sure and check out the specifications for your students to test as a 6th, 7th or 8th grade Scholar.


Regional colleges and universities host scholastic or curricular contests in a variety of subjects for high school students. The OAAC will be offering an opportunity to qualify online.


The High School Tournament of Champions is held the first week-end in May for students placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd at a regional college or university scholastic or curricular contest.

Specialty Tournaments

The Oklahoma Regional Science Bowl, The Fine Arts Tournament, and the History Bowl are both examples of specialty tournaments. Science Bowl and the Fine Arts Tournament are sponsored by the OAAC. Both the Science Bowl and the Fine Arts Tournament are for high school and middle school students. Edmond Memorial High School hosts the History Bowl. Team Oklahoma is for high school students. An all-star team competes at the National Tournament of Academic Excellence in Orlando, FL.