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Check for planning meeting information and competition dates. ALWAYS confirm date and time with the host site.


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March 6, 2019

Challenge of the Champions Results

Mid Level Academic Bowl

Mid Level Academic Bowl is for students in the 7th and 8th grade. The team may be comprised of all 7th grade students or all 8th grade students or a combination of both. Schools may enter multiple teams. A separate entry fee is required for each team. ML Teams are assigned to area groups after the enrollment period has ended.

Younger students may play up but students post-8th grade may not play on a Mid Level Team.

Playoff Structure and Competition Dates

Playoff Structure and Competition Dates

All teams play in the district tournament. Their rank from the district competition is used to place each team in a Regional competition. Teams ranking 1-3 will play in a region against other 1-3 teams. The top 3 teams from these regions will advance to the Area championship. Teams ranking 4-6 at district will play in a region against other 4-6 teams. The top 2 teams from these regions will adavnce to the Firebird tournament. The winning team from the Firebird will advance to the Area Championship. Teams not advancing to the Area or Firebird competition may compete in the Phoenix Tournament. The top 2 teams from each Area will advance to the Challenge of the Champions @ Redlands Community College in El Reno.

Here is a link to view the sample scenario.

Competition Dates:

Below are the pre-set date ranges for the 2018-19 season. If your group decides a date will not work for you, your group may change the date. The new date must be a unanimous agreement. If a unanimous decision cannot be made about changing the date, it will revert to the set date. Two dates are listed below to accomodate MS basketball scheduling. Some conferences play MS basketball on Tuesday and have requested Thursday dates. Some conferences play MS basketball on Thursday and have requested Tuesday dates.

District - November 5 through 30

Regional - Mid Level December 3 through 21

Firebird - Mid Level January 7 through 11

Area - Mid Level January 21 through Feb 1

Phoenix - Mid Level February 18 through 28

2019 Mid Level Challenge of the Champions - February 23 Division I schools will start at 11:30, Division II schools will start at 12:00 and Division III schools will start at 12:30.

2020 - DIII - 11:30 -- DI 12:00 -- DII 12:30

2021 - DII 11:30 -- DIII 12:00 -- DI 12:30

The Challenge of the Champions will be February 23, 2019 @ Redlands Community College in El Reno.

Planning Dates and Locations

We use Google Docs to share dates and plan for each level of tournament. You will receive a link to the Google Doc for your group when you receive your Area assignment.


ENTRY FEE $130 per team - fee covers all tournaments and includes 8 certificates, 8 Regional stickers & 8 Area or Phoenix stickers per team. If you have more than 8 team members, additional certificates and stickers may be purchased.