There are ten screenshots.

Logging onto the Online test:

You will access the test through the OAAC web page. from the home page
Choose the Test Access box from the Online Team Tournaments cluster. Or, you can also choose Online Access from the Online Tournaments drop down menu on the left. 


Test Access will take you to the online access page.  From the choices in the center, choose your level.  For demo purposes I will choose Primary. 


The link on the Test Access page will take you to the competition page for the level you selected. This is what the competition page looks like before you log in. This page is where you will use your login information.


Notice the blue lock and word Login in the upper right corner, Click it.


Enter your username and password then click Login. I am going to use a Mangum's log in as an example.  Mangum has 3 teams - Primary, Elementary and Mid Level.  They will have one username and password for ALL 3 teams.
Once you hit Login you will be taken to a page they call the Dashboard

If you have multiple teams, the information for all teams will be under Things to Do.  Mangum has a team in each of three levels.  Several of you have two teams, most of you have only one.  If you have multiple teams in the same level (2 primary teams, 2 elementary teams, 2 mid level teams or 2 high schoolteams) - you will have a separate login for each team of the same level.

The assigned practice tests are showing up as tasks on the right side.  When the current year competition quizzes become available, they will show here as well. To go to the competition page for the level in which you are enrolled (Primary, Elementary, Mid Level or High School) you will go to the 'room' for that level.  The rooms in which you are enrolled are listed on the left.  IF all of your rooms are not showing up when you first log in, click on the My Rooms link.  It should take you to a page where all of the rooms in which you are enrolled are listed. 

The screenshot below shows the same page, competition page, as before, but this view is after I log in. 

See at the top right where I clicked the log in button it says Mangum Tigers (29:58)  The (29:58) is the session timer I referenced in the email.  Each time you change pages it will refresh itself.  Do NOT use that timer to determine how much time is left on the test.  It doesn't work like that. 

You can also see all of the available Tests. 

Also on the left, you can see a link to the Online Reporting form.  You will complete one reporting form for each competition test you complete. - This information is what I use when ordering champion and runner-up certificates for your students.


PRACTICE TESTS: There are two different types of practice tests. Assigned Practice tests and simple practice tests.

The simple practice tests are under the Practice Tests without a date link. These practice tests may be taken as many times as you wish. You will not be able to see your score or review the questions after the test.

An Assigned Practice test will behave exactly like the actual competition test. At the end you will be able to review the questions and see your score.

The assigned practice tests and the current year competitions are showing up in the left column of the Primary page.  Each of the blue text words is a link to the next page.  The practice and assigned practice tests may or may not have a year next to the title. The current competition year WILL be labeled as 'Current Year' 'Specific Grade Level' Online Competition

Once you click on an assigned test there are multiple clicks before the test starts.  I'll choose 2011-2012 Practice Competition.


Notice there is still a Take test button to click on the screen. There is one more window between this window and the test actually starting. 


When you click on 'Take' another window opens.  Notice on the bottom and upper right you have two options.   Start or Exit.  If you Exit you will go back to the list of tests.  If you click start the test will start.



Once you have completed each of the current yearCompetition tests, you will fill out a reporting form. Do not fill out a form for the practice tests.


Log in - prowl around and Explore the site.  Email, call or text me if you have any questions

IF your session times out, you may end up on a page that looks like the one below. This also happens select Classic from the blue strip links at the top. Classic will take you to the correct log-in page. Do not Login from the page below, log in only from the classic view.