Materials for the Drawing Competition


Students qualifying for the Drawing Competition may also take the Art History/Theory.

The Drawing Competition will take 2 hours. All students are enrolled in both Part 1 and Part 2.

Students should bring the following materials

1.) Drawing pad or 3 sheets of drawing paper at least 12x18. It may be larger, if you wish. If you are bringing loose paper you will want to bring one or two extra, just in case.

2.) Black drawing media including, but not limited to pencil, charcoal, grease pencil your choice.

3.) Color drawing media including but not limited to color pencils, chalk, markers, crayons your choice.

4.) Flashlight (working) for work using a specific light source.


Students will be completing 3 drawings from provided materials.

1.) Texture (1-10 points)

2.) Black and white drawing (1-20 points)

3.) Color drawing (1-30 points)


Each of the 3 sections will be ranked 1-10. The highest score in texture drawing is 10. The highest in black and white is 20(18, 16, 14, 12, etc.) and the highest in color is 30 (27, 24, 21, etc.) Each section will have verbal instructions prior to beginning. Each section will have a time limit.

There is recognition for the top drawing in each section as well as an overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd place given to the highest cumulative score.

At 2:00 students may return to the drawing competition room to retrieve their drawings. If you are drawing on Friday and want your drawing returned, please let me know.