Calculators are allowed on all personal finance, mathematics tests, all scholar tests, Chemistry, Physics

Allow enough time to have your calculator approved prior to your test. When you arrive at the HSTOC find the “Chancellor of the Calc Checker” stationed outside of the North and South Conference rooms. Your calculator will need to have a ‘checked’ sticker before you will be allowed to use it. I do have a dozen TI-30XIIs available for loan if you need one.

Our 2016 Chancellor of the CalcChecker has a set of TI30XS Scientific Calculators, a set of TI-84 Plus and a set of TI-nspire CX CAS that she is bringing with her for you to check out if you forget your calculator.  Thank you, madam Chancellor!

The calculators allowed are any nongraphing scientific Calculator, graphing calculators TI 83+, TI 84, TI Nspire with 84 keypad and TI Nspire CS in press to test mode.

The TI 84s will be put into Test Guard mode to disable all programs and APPS. All programs will be deleted from TI 83+ calculators. If you are bringing one you should back up your calculators before you come. On all but the Calculus test, No Calculator with CAS capabilities will be allowed: TI 89*, TI 92, Voyage, Casio FX 5.0 and 3.0, all other brands will be checked prior to the test.

*For Calculus ONLY Students may use a TI 89 or a TI Nspire CX CAS