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If you Qualified in You may take
American Democracy Government/Civics
American Government Governmetn/Civics
Animal Biology Biology II
Art activity- any medium Drawing
Basic Grammar English Usage
Behavioral Science Psychology
Biology Advanced Biology II
Biology General Biology I
Bookkeeping Accounting
Advanced Math or Modern Math 4th Year Mathematics
Family Relations Family Science
Fabric and Textiles Family Science
Child Development Family Science
Computer Concepts & Applications Computer Applications
Computer Fundamentals Computer Science
Computer Literacy Computer Science
Computer Programming Computer Science
Creative Writing English Usage
Drama or Performance Speech
Electronics/Electricity Technology
English Composition English Usage
Earth Science Earth/Environmental Science
Earth & Space Science Earth/Environmental Science
Electronics 4th Year Science
Elementary Spanish Spanish I
English, Grammar or Composition English Usage
English III American Literature
English IV English Literature
Environmental Science Earth/Environmental Science
Forestry Technology
Fundamentals of Music Music History/Theory
Family Relations Family Science
Figure Drawing Drawing Competition
Foods & Nutrition Family Science
General Biology Biology I
General Science Biology I or Physical Science (check with your science teacher to determine the best fit)
General Physical Science Physical Science
General Technology Technology
Improptu Speaking Speech
Journalism English Usage
Math Analysis 4th Year Mathematics
Math Science 4th Year Mathematics
Mathematics Challenge Exam 4th Year Mathematics
Medical Terminology Anatomy and Physiology
Modern Mathematics 4th Year Mathematics
Music Music History/Theory
Music Fundamentals Music History/Theory
Music Literature Music History/Theory
Nutrition Family Science
Physiology Anatomy/Physiology
Plane Geometry Geometry
Plant Biology Biology II
Reading Comprehension Vocabulary OR English Usage
Shakespeare English Literature or Speech
Sociology Psychology or 4th Year Social Studies
Spelling Vocabulary
US Government Government/Civics
World Geography Geography