4th Grade

Online Tournaments

Check for planning meeting information and competion dates. ALWAYS confirm date and time with the host site.


3rd Grade

What is available for 3rd grade students?

A 3rd grade student could play 'up' on a 4th grade Academic Bowl team.

4th Grade Academic Bowl teams have two tournaments - Alpha and Beta. Once the team has enrolled it will be assigned to a group. Each group will set the date(s) and location for the two tournaments.

3rd grade students are included in the Primary division of the Online Tournament. An Online Tournament is a team event. There is no limit to the size of the team. Team membership may change from one subject area to the next. There are 4 grade levels of competition. Primary - 3rd and 4th grade. Elementary - 5th and 6th grade. Mid Level - 7th and 8th grade. High School - 9th - 12th grade. Each grade level has 5 subject area tournaments; humanities and fine arts, language arts, mathematics, science and social studies.